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High Output LED Cove Ribbon

LED cove ribbon

2800 Lumens + UL + Dimmable

Brand new. This is foot for foot the brightest LED ribbon on the market right now. Feedback from the first installations, including one of the world's most exclusive hotel chains, has been excellent. The warm white version is a beautiful 3200K -- not yellowish and not the least bit blue. One of our customers said the color looks "like lightly toasted white bread, white with a warmth." This is state of the art LED lighting made with high quality, cutting edge LEDs.

Highest output SMDs -- much higher than similar looking ribbon which runs at 24 watts/roll. Field cuttable to any length and flexible for installation in contours. Excellent for cove, edge lighting, wall grazing, home theaters, bar and restaurant accent lighting. Dimmable with Kick KR8 dimmer. Sold in 16-foot rolls or by the foot.

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commercial cove lighting

- Output of 16-foot roll is equal to 250-300 watts of halogen lighting

- Warm white (3200K) or Daylight white (5500K) LEDs

- Cuttable at every 3rd LED -- Field cut easily to any length needed

- UL Approved

- Dimmable with KR8, KR6 or by using dimmable magnetic transformers

- Easy and quick to work with

- Great choice for coves and fluorescent replacement

- Energy efficient 12-volt DC operation

- Per foot: 3 watts input and 175 lumens output.

- 390 of the highest output SMD LEDs available

- Segments can be daisy chained with simple soldered wire

- 3M adhesive backing for easy installation

- 3-year Kick Warranty

In stock.

cuttable LED strips LED cove ribbon

FAQs for Kick-HO-Ribbon

How bright is this compared to fluorescent? and compared to Lumilines?

A: The daylight white version is comparable to T5 fluorescent and 25% brighter than Lumilines.

How does the output of Kick HO Ribbon compare to Xenon?

A: Kick HO Ribbon is about 50% brighter than Xenon (and without the heat and high power input required by Xenon). A typical 5 watt Xenon festoon bulb is spec'd at 40 lumens but they are measuring all the way around the bulb. With 4 of Xenon bulbs per foot youget 160 lumens. Kick HO Ribbon is producing 175 lumens (from only 3 watts) but you get all of that light going in the direction you want. So you have more output from much less power and the all of the output is going in the direction you want it to. You can dim our product without color shift.

Can I use this with Lutron dimmers?

A: Lutron now makes a dimmer for low voltage lighting. It fits in standard gangboxes and allows you to dim multiple runs of Kick HO Ribbon from one slider. You cannot use standard incandescent dimmers with 12v LED. We can supply the correct Lutron dimmer gear with your order

Can I use this product in cabinets?

A: Absolutely. Cabinet makers are putting this into wine racks, curio cabinets, kitchen cabinets, library coves and book shelves. The ability to cut to size and the low heat and power make it perfect for cabinetry and wine cellars.

How do I splice sections together?

A: We include splicing kits with each roll but you can also use 14 to 18 gauge wire to jump between sections -- simply solder it to the copper pads.

I am an electrician who installed your HO Ribbon for my customer. There are 2 sections with a jump between them. The SECOND section is lit but the first one isn't. What's wrong?

A: Each of the pairs of copper pads are marked with positive and negative. You need to look closely at these and fix the polarity on the first section. be sure to connect and splice positive to positive, neg to neg.

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