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Dimmer Switch for 12v DC LED

Value PWM dimming for 12v LED lights - Kick-KR6

12v LED dimmers

Full range dimming

Pulse width modulation dimming in a compact dimmer switch. Nothing else to buy. No DMX. Works with all of our 12-volt DC gear. No matching of transformers or drivers. Full range dimming which low voltage dimmers can't do. As dim as you want it; 98% range.

   KR6 Cutsheet PDF

- 6 amp capacity

- Clicks to "off" position

- 100% range

- Removable knob; can be changed or painted

- Mounts in 3/8" hole

- Extends the life of 12v LED lighting fixtures

- 97% efficient operation

- Custom versions and OEM pricing available

- 12v PWM dimming as recommended by the LRC

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LED dimmers


FAQs for Kick KR6 Dimmer

If I dim my lights really low will they flicker?

A: No. LEDs needs a constant current, in our case 12v DC. They don't turn off and on rapidly but rather fade off so when current is pulsed, as this dimmer does, the effect is less light output and less electricity consumed.

I already have Leviton dimmers in the wall. why can't I just use those?

A: Standard wall dimmers work by reducing the voltage available to incandescent lights. They don't work with fluorescent or LED lighting.

Can I use this in vehicles where I am grounding to the frame?

A: These won't work in a circuit where you are grounding. You must use the positive and negative wiring from the dimmer.

Where does this go in the wiring of the lights?

A: This dimmer must be wired after a transformer. Dimmer switch will pulse 12v DC current so it has 12v DC current coming in and is outputting 12v DC current which is rapidly pulsed to produce dimming.

Does the KR6 reduce the voltage going to the LED lights?

A: No. It works by reducing the current. Dimming by reduced voltage, as is done with incandescent lighting, is not recommended with LED.



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