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LED Fixtures for coves, shelves and under cabinet

Kick AP07, Kick AP20 and Kick AP40

waterproof LED cove lighting

Highly durable 12-volt LED Lighting

State of the Art high output tri-chip SMD LEDs in a durable water and dust proof fixture. Choice of 7", 20" or 40" sizes, warm white (3200K) or daylight white (5500K). High output tri-chip SMD LEDs in rigid aluminum-cased poly resin. Extremely easy to work with. Built in waterproof 7-inch jumper wiring.

Excellent for cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, edge lighting, wall and glass grazing. Works outdoors, in wet environments, pool, spa, restaurant and bar areas. Also vehicles, boats and farming.

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LED for under counter

LED for under counter

- Great choice for coves, installs end-to-end with no gaps

- Warm white (3200K) or Daylight white (5500K)

- Dimmable with KR8, KR6 or approved Lutron and Leviton LV wall switches

- Output levels similar to T5/slimline fluorescent

- Energy efficient 12-Volt DC operation

- High output SMD LEDs

- Waterproof, Dust proof, Vibration proof

- Easy indoor or outdoor installation

- Integrated 7-inch waterproof jumpers included

- 24v DC version available with 22-day lead time

- Custom versions available: custom length, choice of jumper locations: side, back or ends.

            Mounts Easily                                          Water-proof Jumpers

easy mounting LED for under cabinet          Water-proof LED for under cabinet

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FAQs for Kick-AP40, Kick-AP20 and Kick-AP07

How bright are Kick AP Series fixtures compared to fluorescent?

A: The daylight white version is as bright as T5 fluorescent. The 20-inch AP20 has output similar to a 35 watts of halogen

Can I use this with Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches?

A: Lutron makes amany dimmer for low voltage lighting. They fit in standard gangboxes and allow you to dim multiple runs of Kick LED lighting from one wall switch. You cannot use standard incandescent dimmers with 12v DC LED. We can supply the correct Lutron or Leviton dimmer gear with your order

How water-proof is Kick AP Series?

A: IP 68 which is the highest rating. Can be completely immerse in water. This level of water-proofing makes the AP Series a versatile choice for landscape, marine applications, RVs, bar and restaurant, farming, horse barns, pools, spas and other wet areas.

Can I use Kick AP Series in cabinets?

A: Absolutely. Cabinet makers are putting this into wine racks, curio cabinets, kitchen cabinets, library coves and book shelves. The 20" size, low heat and power make it perfect for kitchen cabinetry, shelves and cove lighting.

Can I use AP40 in printing press applications or as LED lighting for mining?

A: Yes. The vibration and dust proof properties make it perfect for industrial environments including high speed printing presses. It won't break or strobe like fluorescent. Solid state lighting in a solid fixture eliminates the risk of breakage and mercury exposure.

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