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KICK-KR8-IP65 PWM dimmer switch for 12vDC LED lighting

PWM LED dimmer for cars

Full range dimming for 12-volt DC LED lighting

Pulse width modulation dimming in a panel mountable dimmer switch. No DMX. Works with all 12-volt DC LED strips and fixtures drawing 96 watts or less. No matching of transformers or drivers. Full range dimming which non-PWM "low voltage" dimmers can't do.

As dim as you want it; 100% range.

PWM LED dimmer for boats, cars, home

PWM dimming prevents the color shift and voltage drop seen in other LED lighting control systems (source: LRC).

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- Mounts in 1/4" hole

- 8 amp capacity -- Dim up to ~100 watts of LED lighting

- Clicks to "off" position

- 100% dimming range

- Dimming without color shift

- Extends the life of 12v LED fixtures

- 98% efficient operation

- 12v PWM dimming as recommended by the LRC

- New version is IP65 water resistant

- Aluminum knob locks on with 1.5mm hex screw

- Made in the USA

- MSRP $24 USD

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