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Kick Flex dimmable, shapeable LED lights

Kick Flex LED lighting

Flexible strips of waterproof LED with high output for illumination

Our popular under cabinet, toe kick and counter lighting product can be shaped to match your space. Coil it up for a round light source or use in a straight line. It can be folded back on itself. Much brighter than rope light and other options. Rubberized plastic for all-weather durability. Dimmable with our Kick-KR6 or Kick-KR8 dimmers.

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Kick Flex LED for cabinet illumination

- Under $10/foot

- Less than 3 watts per foot

- 80-degree beam spread

- Nicely diffused. Can be used where it may be in a sight line

- Water-proof

- Cool to the touch

- Long lasting

- 12v DC energy efficient operation

- White, warm white, red, green, blue, or yellow

- Can be multi-channeled for animated signs -- controllers available

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FAQs for Kick-Flex

Can Kick-Flex be cut to size?

A: Yes but you may not need to since it can be folded back on itself. If you do need to cut it, it can be cut at every third LED. Look at the two copper rails for the segment where this is a diagonal break.

Is Kick-Flex dimmable?

A: Yes it can be dimmed with Kick-KR8 or Kick-KR6 dimmers or with our Lutron + electronic transformer  system.


Can be shaped as you like.

Great for signs and illuminated artwork.

LED lights for artwork shapes signs

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